Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service (FMS) Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Agile Coaching, System Architecture, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), and Cloud Hosting

The Treasury FMS needed a way to deliver better software solutions to its internal customers. Due to outdated software development and project management methodologies, software projects were consistently behind schedule, over budget, and becoming unmanageable. Accordingly, GB-Sys was contracted to provide transformative Agile Coaching and Business Process Re-engineering for the software development efforts of the Treasury FMS. Under contracts TFMS-HQ-11-C-0002 and TFMS-HQ-13-K-0023, GB-Sys’ team of approximately fifteen (15) personnel consisting of Agile coaches, business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, cloud architects, and business process engineers analyzed the FMS’ existing software development practices and transformed/re-engineered those processes into an Agile Software Development model, enabling the FMS to more rapidly and effectively meet their software development needs.

Part of this project also required the implementation of new software development and testing environments running alongside, and in parallel with, the existing systems in order to improve software development productivity and minimize the impact on current operations. GB-Sys seamlessly designed and provisioned new development and testing environments for the Treasury FMS in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Today, as a result of GB-Sys’ business process re-engineering and Agile coaching efforts, and the new cloud-based development and testing environments GB-Sys implemented, the Treasury FMS is meeting all of their software development needs, on time and within budget, using their original software developers.

  • Project Name

    FMS Agile Coaching

  • Client


  • Contract Numbers


  • TFMSHQ-11-C-0002

  • Dollar Values

    $3,950,000 (K0023)

  • $4,400,000 (C0002)

  • Completion Dates

    05/07/15 (K0023)

  • 05/22/13 (C0002)

  • Project Type

    Agile Coaching

  • Cloud Hosting

  • BPR

  • Project Length

    4 Years

  • Skills Used


  • Contract Type


  • Place of Performance

    Washington D.C.